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    1. Welcome to The MoveSafe® Guide to Back Health

    2. How to Navigate the Course

    1. Prepare the Work Area and Equipment: Mindset is Key, Plan for Success

    2. Adjust Your Surroundings

    1. Bending and Lifting: Hinge at the Hips

    2. Bending and Lifting: Functional Anatomy

    3. Put it into Practice: Coaching Tips Using a Wooden Dowel

    4. Did You Know...

    5. Bending and Lifting: Use Work to Your Advantage

    6. Bending and Lifting: Heavy Objects

    7. Bending and Lifting: Hidden Load

    8. Bending and Lifting: Light or Small Objects

    9. Put it into Practice

    1. Physical Capacity Account

    2. Exercises to Promote Back Health

    3. Resource: Exercise Guides

    4. Prepare and Maintain the Body for Back Health Summary

    1. Concluding Remarks for the MoveSafe ® Guide to Back Health

    2. MoveSafe® Guide to Back Health Resources

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